Last month we began hosting weekly live clubhouse chat rooms around instructional design.

Every Saturday, at 11 am IST (or 5:30 am UTC) we gather to ask and answer questions related to instructional design, training, elearning, and emotional intelligence.

If you aren’t on Clubhouse already, read “Learning & Cyberclubbing with Clubhouse,” to get an idea of the what, how, and why of live chats on clubhouse. If you can find the time, we would love to meet you there.

Just follow the Instructional Design Junction club at Clubhouse, and you’ll be notified of our live sessions. Join us so that we may all share and grow together.

Following are some links  that you will find useful.

We look forward to meeting you there.

Since we’ve started, we have talked about:

  • Gestalt Principles and Learning
  • Emotional Intelligence in Classrooms and eLearning
  • The Controversial Mystique of Bloom’s Taxonomy

The coming Saturday, we will be discussing “The Traits of a Good ID.” 

Click to join the Instructional Design Junction club by Creative Agni at Clubhouse.