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Bloom’s Taxonomy is a six-level classification of cognitive learning, which was given by Dr. Benjamin Bloom in 1956. This taxonomy is extremely popular with learning designers who use it to craft objectives and design content that maps to the learning requirements.

5 Future Trends in Learning and Training – The Late 20s and Early 30s.

About 15 years ago, online learning was a thing, but the learning creators were still worrying about low bandwidths and Flash (now called Animate) was super-awesome because it helped us create eye-candy content that was byte-cheap. Smartphone wasn’t born, and… Continue Reading →

Quiz me Quick – The Smart Instructional Design Quiz with Coffeebeans

Are you an ID-baby, an ID-teen, or an ID-Adult? Join Coffeebeans to take this Instructional Design quiz and find out. If you enjoy taking this quiz,  like the video and Subscribe to the Creative Agni channel on YouTube.

Bloom’s Taxonomy vs. Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy – Does it Matter?

More so…should you care? It depends a lot on who you are, and when you came of “instructional” age. In my opinion, it doesn’t matter. As a user of theories and models, as long as you use them the right… Continue Reading →

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