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Learn about the purpose, the need, the anatomy, the philosophy, and the future plans of Creative Agni’s Instructional Design Junction.

This is an evolving collection of all those articles and posts that explain why trainers, content-writers, instructional designers, teachers, professors, both experienced and novice, will find the Instructional Design Junction a place to learn, unlearn, relearn while unwinding.

Fresh vs. Experienced or Novice vs. Expert?

Whether you are a fresh Instructional Designer or someone with a decade or two worth of experience under their belt, when it comes to your zest for learning, it’s all the same. The need to learn is like the need… Continue Reading →

Learn – Unlearn – Relearn! The Adult Learner Way

As people who design and implement adult learning courses and training programs, it’s important for us to realize that adult-learning is a complex process. While we understand that adults are repositories of experiences and that these experiences mark their learning… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Instructional Design Junction

The first post is like a baby’s first steps or a teen’s first crush. Either your feet are wobbly and you are learning to walk, or your new heady love is making your heart is going a mile-a-second. You take… Continue Reading →

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