The first post is like a baby’s first steps or a teen’s first crush. Either your feet are wobbly and you are learning to walk, or your new heady love is making your heart is going a mile-a-second. You take your pick, I’ll take mine. My love for the beautiful art and craft of Instructional Design makes me nervous in a sweet and happy kind of way – like a teen experiencing her first crush.

It’s now almost 22 years that I first fell in love with instructional design, and our relationship is still going strong. Honestly, there’s never been a dull moment, never a time when I didn’t hunger for a closer connection with instructional design.

Creative Agni‘s Instructional Design Junction is the beginning of a dream that has lived in my mind for decades. I always wanted a place where we could talk about ID, content, training, and everything else, with passion. I dreamed of a place where the calm waters of instructional logic would mix with the raging tsunami of creative energy, and where every learning professional, budding or mature, would find comfort in knowing that they won’t be judged for their curiosity and their occasional inquiries.

I hope that Instructional Design Junction will be all that it is in my mind. A place to learn about the possibilities that exist or that can be made to exist for enhancing learning effectiveness. We will talk more about this in the upcoming posts, where I will share my thoughts with you. Meanwhile, you can check out the Welcome Page here, to get an overview of what’s on the anvil.

I look forward to your visits and subscriptions to the content of this site. Please use the Follow button or the Contact form to stay connected.

Thank you!

– Shafali