The Feb-March 2022 or the Spring Issue of “The FOUNT – The ID Magazine for the Evolved Learning Professional” goes out tomorrow.

In this Spring issue of The FOUNT:
• Read “Ethics in Training & Education” by Mukul Saxena, Head – Training Content and Technology at Tata Power Co. Ltd.
• Read “Accio Attention” by Gaurav Monga, Content Design and Development Specialist at Moody’s Corporation.
• Learn “The What, Why, and How of Assessment Rubrics” through an illustrative article by Shafali R. Anand.
• Meet Manish Chandra, Lead Mobile Network Services Product Marketing, Nokia, and read about his ID journey.
• Read some cool ID posts in “IDJunction” and “Around the Web” sections.
• Learn about Safe Spaces and Attentional Bias.
• Enjoy the regular columns “Double-take,” “Wisdom and Wit,” “Sloth & Froth,” and glam-up your professional conversations.

The FOUNT - The Instructional Design Magazine for Trainers and Content Writers.

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